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At Montu, we blend advanced data analytics, technology, and comprehensive industry knowledge to enable brands and businesses to expand and excel in online marketplaces globally.

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Marketplace As a Service

We’re more than a service provider; we’re your strategic partner. From crafting bespoke marketplace strategies to flawless execution, our comprehensive roadmap positions you to achieve superior ROI. Experience the competitive edge marketplaces bring to your marketing and channel mix.

Marketplace Solutions

Our extensive experience in global marketplaces has refined our ability to identify and leverage opportunities that others miss. Whether you’re taking your first step or aiming to scale your presence, our insights and technological tools are your gateway to achieving ambitious marketplace goals cost-effectively.

New Revenue Streams

Discover and unlock new geographical markets and consumer segments with minimal risk and investment. Our expert team equips you to capitalise on emerging opportunities, increasing your sales and revenue potential efficiently and at scale.


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Strategic Marketplace Partnership

From selection to expansion, we guide and support your marketplace journey.

Data-Driven Insights

Custom analytics and dashboarding for informed decision-making and performance optimisation

Operational Excellence

Seamless integration and management of eCommerce systems from product feeds to order fulfillment.

Enhanced Visibility

From SEO to content creation, we ensure your products stand out.

Efficient Onboarding

We handle everything from storefront development to product launch.

We're your Marketplace partner

We bring our niche knowledge and global perspective to every table, giving you the hands-on support and first-access you need to win in the world’s most competitive commerce markets.

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Tailor-Made for Your Success

Marketplace Roadmap We team up to craft a roadmap that really clicks with where you want your business to go long-term.
Technical Blueprinting We dial in the technical details to fit just right with your marketplace ambitions.
Technology and Partner Advice Need the right tools and allies? We’ve got your back, recommending top-notch tech and partners that suit your unique needs.
Hands-On Project Guidance We keep a close watch to steer your project to success, every step of the way.
Money & Market Smarts Get savvy advice on budgeting and strategy to make sure you’re set up for the best commercial wins.
flexible engagement models

Ideal for specific local marketplace projects or initial assessment

Fixed Contract/Project

Ideal for specific local marketplace projects or initial assessments.

Long-Term Engagement/Retainer

Dive deeper into strategic exploration and consistent marketplace success with our retainer options.

Expert Consultancy

On-demand expertise to refine your marketplace strategy or troubleshoot specific challenges.

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At Montu, we combine strategic marketplace insights with expert consultation to drive your brand to its full potential with measurable outcomes. Book a consultation today and start transforming your business with Montu’s solutions.